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C.H.I. News relays news and research relevant to Chira Humanitarian Institute's topic areas: human-oriented, rather than technological, approaches towards a happier future. "Human oriented" includes areas of knowledge that help us as individuals or as teams: psychology, teamwork, economics, communication, and governance.
NASA finds climate catastrophe much closer than thought
Articles on Open Space and Unconferencing
Talking Chair facilitation for small groups
Indian tea company bought out by workers
Musings on authentic inclusivity
Cheryl Honey wins Jefferson Award
Word clustering for meetings
Study says cities amplify social factors
Musings on hate speech and peace
Study finds preference for wealth equality
Pecha Kucha and Solutions Twin Cities
New Canadian political party: Citizens' Assembly
Trade liberalisation may harm poor nations, UN warns
Open Source techniques used for automobile designing
Musings on nonconscious learning
First International Journal of Public Participation released
Musings on China's attitudes towards democracy
Musings on the future of American democracy
Wisdom Council convened in Victoria, Canada
Musings on civil engagement and happiness
Musings on responsible market reforms
Musings on the organisational power of conversations
Dire environmental UN report
Neurochemistry of social avoidance
Entrepreneurs tackle global problems
Sharif on the deadly consequences of arrogance
Handbook on Democratic Dialogue available
Evaluating civil deliberation efforts
Sprititual beliefs and violence
WorldBlu, transparency and workplace democracy
Leadership training in Africa to help democracy
Ability to focus improve math
Kiva microfinancing
Participatory budgeting and community councils
Arundhati Roy on the self-colonisation of India
Chilean women want civic-friendly public policies
Facilitating morally charged discussions
Wangari Maathai honoured by India
Canada to counter insurgencies with development aid
Jay Cross on informal learning
Musings on collective wisdom
Growing billionaire class
Honey Bee Network spreads innovation in India
Avoiding meetings with virtual teams
Lateral Leadership for leading without authority
Musings on teams in nature
Wisdom Council in Victoria Canada
Structured Dialogic Design for inquiry and democracy
Poorest people a $5 trillion market
Interfaith Alliance building bridges in the US
Large coordination investigates political machinations
Morality in primates
Blogs changing top-down media structure
Global capitalism without practical rivals
Musings on the proliferation of movements
Disrupted body clock causes manic symptoms
Open Innovation, Out and In
Fractional work
Two reviews of deliberative democracy books
Overgeneralised criticism of meetings
Self esteem vs. self worth
Somalialand solves its own problems
Conversation and cultural evolution
Anecdote: using stories for effective communication
Musings on miscellany vs. category
Crowdsourcing for journalism
Hormone reversal during puberty causes anxiousness
The neurology of focusing
Increasing population and agriculture hurt by climate change
Musings on confidence and leadership
Drought linked to increased violence
The financial value of our environment
Social networking and nonprofit leadership
Revitalising communities of practice
Lyubomirsky researches happiness
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Direct democracy in Latin America
Relaxation and work
Borschke: decision making and intuition
Language hinders visual memory
Social vs. Environmental problems
Exploitation and True Sharing
When to work alone
Review of The Tao Holding Space
Deliberative polling
Chile's first community newspaper
Documentary on Jewish-Arab Dialogue
UK Prime Minister accepting e-petitions
Conferences and Knowledge Cafes
Service sector largest employer
OrangeBand at Universitsy of Utah
Islands "drowning" due to climate change
Cell phones help small businesses in Nairobi
Campaign for a U.N. woman's agency
Three brains and teams
Freeloading in teams
Delhi fringe economy
Open Space Technology in various settings
Bosses not asking for advice
Group Information Hygiene
A less literate work force for the US's future
Relationships and the economy
Team members and "threshold of tolerance"
Sellaband: distributed investment
Younger generations and the work environment
Climate effects of nuclear war
Happiness and satisfaction
The development of society's ethics
Right to Food website launched
Open Space and keynote speakers